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Core Network

Core Coin

Core Coin is an open source, public Blockchain application platform featuring one of the most secure smart contract functionality.

A decentralized network, supporting Decentralized Applications (ÐApps) and advanced address structures.


Core Coin is fully decentralized and open source.


Accessible anywhere in the World through various networks covering 98% of the globe.


Using Edwards’ curve - ED448 with 224 bit security and decrease negative artifacts.


Everybody can join the network and mine with CryptOre PoW algorithm.

Swarm Intelligence

Core Coin follows the collective behavior of decentralized, self-organized systems.


Core network is designed to interact and integrate with other Blockchains.


Social Impact

Core Foundation is building a Global Decentralized Network (GDN) to cover all areas on the planet using multiple communication technologies along with Core Coin’s Blockchain platform. We are creating an Inclusion Program suited for all people.

Decentralized with Smart Contracts


Finance & Trading

P2P Cross-Border Transactions, Smart Bonds, Clearing and Settlements.

Healthcare & Wellness

Transparent and accessible view of medical history including rural areas. Wellness education.


P2P energy trading model, grid balancing collecting information from smart devices.

Supply Chain

Tracking products and donations. Interoperate with other solutions.

eGovernment & DAO’s

Transparent and Effective solutions for electronic government and autonomous organisations.

Mass Media & eSports

Media and Entertainment Applications supporting micropayments C2C & D2C sales and product placement.


GIS and location intelligence applications running on Blockchain.

Defence & Security

Blockchain tailor-made, security-relevant activities.

Asset Tokenization

Tokenized Real Estate/Asset Platforms with Alternative Investments Funds and eTrusts.

Education & Activities

Blockchain Horizontal innovation with Global reach and equality.


Operation advancement, fraud prevention and payments.

Space Agencies

Manage data and decentralize algorithmic and automated decision-making.


Smart Assets

Building exactly what you need with Smart Contract functionality and Core Coin Registries (XREG). Core Coin gives you an opportunity to custom build advanced, secure Smart contracts for your Use Case structure. Smart Assets can represent different structures backed by a fully compliant legal environment.


Core Coin can operate on various platforms and environments - including mesh networks, satellite streams, mobile internet connection and more. We are covering 98% of the globe and our reach is continuously optimized. By joining Core Coin, you are able to use all the features of our entire network.


The key for any Blockchain ecosystem, is the ability to recognize and interact with other Blockchain networks. Core Coin enables different blockchains to easily communicate among one another, without the need for an intermediary.

Core VC

Core VC focuses on developing and extending the Core Coin ecosystem and its services. Our funding criteria is not exactly predefined instead, we evaluate the impact of the whole project. To apply we require a Pitch Deck which our VC team analyze. Should the project be feasible, a representative will contact you.

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Developer Portal

Core Coin offers a free, decentralized open-source platform for Developers and Entrepreneurs to create advanced blockchain applications.

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